GBBM v1.36 BlackBerry Enhanced Chat

UPDATED: 22 November 2016
REQUIRES ANDROID: 2.3 and up        Available on Googleplay
It is based on the latest update from the application of BBM and added him many advantages application .. and I will add other features in future updates

GBBM program lets you hide the sign of R that is, it can not be the sender of the message you see if you read the letter or not, also lets you delete all conversations keypress, and the possibility to backup to your conversations and the possibility to recover a later time, and lets you change the background of the studio and the possibility of change text colors and sizes so that you can design your own Theme, and also lets you copy the situation and nick Nimes and many other features
What`s New
  • Re 2.2.0W option to change the background conversations list of studio
  • Fix the problem of the return of the talks after the deleted
  • Fix a problem you do not receive an upgrade message when there is a new update site thanks
  • Changes scored a clearer design and beautiful
  • Other fixes

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