Advanced Download Manager Pro v5.1.2 build 51242 APK

UPDATED: 6 Oct, 2016
CURRENT VERSION: 5.1.2 build 51242
REQUIRES ANDROID: 4.0 and up           Available on Googleplay
- accelerated download by using multithreading (3 parts)
- interception of links from the browser and clipboard;
- icon of the program and downloading progress in the notification panel;
- overprint display with the list of running downloadings;
- backup list of downloads and settings on SD card;
- completion notification by sound and vibration;
- resume after reconnection or program restart;
- save different file types in different folders;
- built-in browser for sites with registration;
- plan files download on a schedule;
- site manager;
- and many more...
In pro version (without ads):
- download up to three files simultaneously;
- accelerated download by using multithreading (9 parts)
Add links from browser:
- press on link and from the window "Complete action using" select ADM (supported by Stock Browser, Dolphin, Boat Browser, Chrome)
- long press on a link to display the context menu, press "Share link" and from the window "Share via" select ADM (supported by Firefox, Skyfire, Stock Browser, Dolphin, Boat Browser), or press "Copy link" and the service will intercept the link;
- copy the link (beginning with "http://") and the service will intercept the link (supported by Maxthon)
- press on the download to start/stop the process;
- press on the completed download to open the file;
- long press on download to display the context menu.
What's in this version:
ndroid 7:
* fixed buttons (Exit, Context menu, etc)
Android 6/7:
* If app does not download in background - disable Power-saving mode (system Settings - Battery, menu button "three dots")
* If app does not open the links in a browser - reset App preferences (system Settings - Apps, menu button "three dots")
Android 5/6/7:
* If app is no longer downloaded to SD-card - select a folder in Settings - Downloading - Folder for files - Access on SD-card

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