RacingMeter for Torque Pro v1.8.0 APK

UPDATED: July 22, 2015
REQUIRES ANDROID: 2.1 and up       Available on Googleplay
RacingMeter for Torque Pro is a Fully Customizable Racing digital dash including a live and logged Telemetry data viewer.
This plugin requires the Torque Pro application in order to communicate with OBD-II compliant vehicles. RacingMeter must be started from the Torque home screen.
• Digital Gauges for RPM, Speed, Engine coolant temperature, Intake Air temperature, Catalysts temperature, Engine Load, Turbo boost, Fuel Consumption, Clock, Fuel pump and Rail pressures (gauge and relative pressure).
• Analog Gauges with Auto Scale, Warning and fully Customizable style, scale, angle, size and warning thresholds. For RPM, Engine Load, Turbo boost, Engine coolant temperature, Intake Air temperature, Speed, Catalyst temperatures, Fuel pump and Rail pressures.
• RPM LEDs Bar
Customizable colors, four styles and three animations available. Automatic or manual threshold settings. Two additional LEDs Bar are available to display Turbo, RPM or Load data.
• Gear Estimate
This value is calculated with the speed and RPM values.
• Customisable dashboard & profiles
Layout your own dashboard. Move, rescale, add or remove any parameters, three different layout profile can be saved and number of screens can be increased up to five. Frame and LEDs style fully customizable.
• Shift Light
Flash on screen, Automatic or manual threshold and color settings.
• Telemetry Viewer
Display Telemetry in real-time and save up to one hour of data. Two cursors can be placed on the graph to measure the time between two points.
The following data are recorded:
Speed, RPM, Gear, Engine load, Turbo boost, Lateral forces, Longitudinal forces.
• Import/Export the telemetry data as a CSV file on your sdcard for further calculations. Export to RaceRender format supported with the following data: Time, GPS Latitude, GPS Longitude, Speed, G-Forces, RPM, Throttle position, Gear, Turbo.
• Heads up display / HUD mode for night time driving.
• G-Force Meter (plotted 5s)
• Acceleration measures
Current and Best acceleration Widgets based on speed or distance. You can define the thresholds.
Units available:
Mph/Kmh ; °C/°F ; psi/kPa/bar ; LPK/KPL/MPG
• 5 Days Refund Policy.
• Should you experience issues, contact me before adding a comment, the solution might be easy or a fix ready.
What's in this version:
- Added max power/torque widgets.
- Added the pound-foot unit (torque).
- Increased the zoom level in the telemetry screen.
- RacingMeter can be started directly from the home screen.
- GPU rendering is enabled by default on Android 5.x and above.

Yoy Need To Install Torque Pro Here

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