Lucky Patcher v4.3.5 by ChelpuS - Remove License Verification APK Full Cracked

UPDATED: 17June 2014
The lucky crack LuckyPatcher is from the crack Great God ChelpuS works, need root privileges can crack some software or games, but also can go to the ad, such as Tank Riders, Reckless Racing HD? Ground Effect HD, Spirit, Aftermatch and so on, but is not guaranteed crack, so called lucky crack, long press the pop-up menu to select the application.
Note: When you encounter some updated before the lucky crack sabotage the new version out of space to remind, you can click menu Troubleshooting lucky crack, choose to remove the repair and back up to
The LuckyPatcher is a by to crack the Great God Chelpus works, crack some games or software, but of course, the specific can crack also need to look at the character, so called "lucky" to crack, now known to crack Tank Riders, Reckless Racing HDGround Effect HD, Spirit, Aftermatch, Whale Trail, need root privileges, long press the pop-up menu to select the application.
What's in this version:
~ Update custom patches;
~ Update hosts file;
~ Update market;
~ Bugs fixed.

Rooted device

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