Minimalistic Text Pro v3.0.12 APK Full Cracked

UPDATED: 2 March 2013
REQUIRES ANDROID: 2.2 and up        Avialable on Googleplay  
Minimalistic Text is a widget app that displays information in a minimalistic way.
It can be configured to display time, date, battery and weather information. The layout of the widget is highly customizable through the layout editor.
YouTube videos: 
Now with Buzz Launcher support! Minimalistic Text can be restored exactly the way it has been packed using the Buzz Launcher. This way you can share your complete Homescreen easy with other Buzz Launcher users!
Download Buzz Launcher here:
Please don't use the comments for feature requests or bugs. You can write me an email ( (Of course you still can rate lower due to bugs or missing features)
Tasker integration:
1) add a Locale variable to your layout and set the variable name (click it)
2) in Tasker select Plugins -> Minimalistic Text for an action
3) Click "Edit", a new activity starts
4) enter the name of the variable and the text that should be displayed for this variable (you can use Tasker variables)
What`s New
- Removed two levels from the version number
- Fixed russian date text
- Revamped license info screen
- added interstitial Google Ads for testing (please report any feedback you have)
- random translation updates

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